Choco Delights

Choco Delights is an online shop of Canadian handmade chocolates. We are a registered business in Quebec, Canada with a MAPAQ license.  All our chocolates are eggless, NON-GMO and made from natural ingredients. We also have vegan and keto friendly products available. We use classic techniques of chocolate making, but we don’t leave it there. Our chocolate offering features unusual, interesting, funky and delicious flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.
Choco Delights sources chocolate from the best chocolate maker: Cacao Barry. Cacao Barry is certified sustainable under the Cocoa Horizon program. We are committed to empowering cocoa farmers to improve their incomes and we actively support industry programs that aim to eradicate abusive child labor, while keeping environmental sustainability in mind.
We have a wide variety of products:
  • Chocolate Bars (*We have 13 different flavours of chocolate bars and we try to introduce a new flavour every month.)
  • Chocolate Dates
  • Choco Disc
  • Vegan Energy Bars
  • BonBons


Meet the Team – Kathani & Rachit

Kathani is an IT Business Analyst who loves to create delicious Chocolates. Rachit is an electrical engineer, a foodie with a sweet tooth and our branding specialist. The soul of our business is making your moment special.


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